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Patrick A. Ulm


In an interview CG founder shares his views on haute horlogerie, high-luxury brands Exclusive interview with Patrick Alexandre Ulm, co-founder of Charles-Girardier.Com dated Saturday, 17th of November 2018. What is your personal relationship to haute-horlogerie?

Patrick A. Ulm: Even so I am based in Zurich since many years, my cultural and human values are still deeply rooted in the French part of Switzerland, la Romandie, where I am coming from. The origin of my family is from the city of Vevey; I grew up in Lausanne at the Geneva Lake. I had the privilege to witness the incredible know how and unique heritage of haute-horlogerie while my cousin Bertrand was absolving an apprenticeship as a mechanical watchmaker in the Jura area. My grandparents were living closed to Fleurier, the legendary village in watchmaking mentioned several times in the New York Times.

What is your aim with the CG project?

Patrick A. Ulm: Our main purpose is now to perpetuate and preserve the mechanical know how of the master watchmaker in Switzerland and the world, while promoting and transmitting this horological tradition to future generations.

Why Charles Girardier (1759-1839)?

Patrick A. Ulm: Since 1800, Girardier l’Ainé as he often liked to call himself is a legendary character with fascinating adventures as „maître horloger“ that could serve as a source of inspiration for literature or a film. The connoisseurs of Haute Horlogerie considered Charles Antoine Girardier as an outstanding craftsman, whose creations are still kept in world-famous museum today. In 1810 the very respectable Society of the Arts of Geneva awarded him a distinction for his whole watchmaking work. The Charles Girardier’s story is about the importance of writing the next chapter of the legend!

What is the importance of movements being mechanical?

Patrick A. Ulm: The intrinsic value of luxury goods finish by hands in limited edition as part of the genuine haute horlogerie tradition still highlights the human dexterity, essential to achieve such unique timepieces. Even the most sophisticated robots today do not yet compete successfully with the ability of a master in watchmaking!

How do you intend to position your brand?

Patrick A. Ulm: In the internet age, it does not take a huge advertising budget to promote Charles Girardier. That’s the reason why it’s never been a better time for an upcoming brand in luxury, an upcoming brand in haute horlogerie. It is our most important task now to nurture this trust in our brand and our products. Day by day make our brand more relevant in the mind of high-luxury customers.

Basically what is luxury?

Patrick A. Ulm: This remains to be a very personal perception. Many ultra high-end luxury customers are interested in exclusivity; namely that what they are buying is rare and not so common to acquire.
A CG watch is an exceptional companion that is worthy to be handed over to the next generation based on our authentic Bien-facture.

Can anyone become a private equity shareholder of or participate in the project?

Patrick A. Ulm: trademark and internet domain is exclusively owned by U-DesignServices AG, as a registered company in Switzerland. Anyone interested in our product or our brand is very welcome to get in touch with us:

Notre engagement: traditionnelle et innovative authenticité

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