The living heritage of the House Charles Girardier, known as “the Elder”.

Charles Girardier's pocket watch from c. 1803 with a hunting sketch showing a deer on a rotating disc in a window at 6 o'clock. The disc actually shows 3 stags that appear and disappear as the disc rotates.

Meticulous restoration of the movement of a Charles Girardier pocket watch with an 18th century rocket-chain movement with an 18th century fusée-chain movement.

Traditional blueing of the bridge of a Charles Girardier pocket watch.

The component is placed on filings and then heated with a flame at 300 degrees Celsius until it changes to this beautiful intense blue color.

Our heritage is an inspiration for our contemporary collection.

... When we look at the balance bridge of a movement of a pocket watch by Charles Girardier, known as “the Elder”, we recreate its chiseled beauty in our mysterious signature.

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