The magic of high fire enamel dials.

Each color applied to the 18K gold plate requires an oven passage at 800 degrees Celsius which gave the name to the ancestral technique known as the « grand feu ».
This passage through the flame allows the enamel powder to melt, vitrifying it and giving it a unique depth of tone. After the last layer of color, a last layer of translucent enamel is called the « fondant ».

The paillons

The 24K fine gold or 24K silver flakes are punched into a 30 micron thick sheet using a cutting tool. Each straw will then be carefully applied by the craftsman on the enamel.

The magic of high fire enamel dials.

Enamel powder is applied with a brush on a gold plate. The technique used is that of enamel « flinched » with translucent enamel which allows to color while keeping visible the decoration engraved on the base plate.


Each color is unique in tone and intensity and is obtained by mixing several enamel powders. Tests are numerous and require the experience of experienced dial craftsmen.

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