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Charles Girardier Story

Charles Girardier

Charles A. Girardier (1759-1839)

Maître Horloger, Geneva in Switzerland.

He signed all his watches by his name Girardier by adding the elder, thus in French Girardier l’Ainé, as if he wanted to give himself even more importance and respectability. The connoisseurs of Haute Horlogerie considered Charles G. as an outstanding craftsman, so that in 1810 the very respectable Society of the Arts of Geneva awarded him a distinction for his whole watchmaking work.

How did he become a watchmaker? Nobody can say for sure. But what we know is that for two or three generations, in his family from father to son, all of them had been watchmakers.


Charles Antoine Girardier

Charles A. Girardier (1759-1839), He signed all his watches by…

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